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XISU Holds Teaching Activity in 2022 “Chinese Bridge” Mandarin Exce... Date:2022-07-04
The opening ceremony of Mandarin Excellence Programme (MEP) Virtual Intensive Study in China was held On July 4th 2022.The opening ceremony of the summer camp was chaired by Director-General of CLEC Ma Jianfei. Among the honorable speake... View >>


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XISU Volunteer Association of International Cooperation & Exchange

XISU Volunteer Association of International Cooperation & Exchange,Founded in June 2017, it is a student volunteer team established under the guidance of international cooperation and exchange office, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of Xi'an Foreign Studies University. It is based on the service of foreign affairs of the University. It has presidium, organization department, publicity department and multilingual service department. The association is mainly responsible for the organization, publicity and management of various affairs of the international cooperation and exchange office of Xi'an International Studies University. It aims to provide students with comprehensive and timely information on international cooperation and exchange projects and build a platform for students to participate in and handle international cooperation and exchange affairs. Since its establishment, the association has not only provided volunteer services for international activities of the University, such as the second presidents' Forum of the global alliance of Foreign Studies Universities, the fourth China UK university sports and literature week, etc.; it has assisted the international cooperation and exchange office in reception of foreign affairs, such as the reception of New Zealand ambassador to China, the reception of visiting delegation of Kent State University in the United States, and so on We have organized a number of international exchange related student activities, such as Haike talking about different continents and multi language small classes.
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